Beauty means

We can’t always guarantee pain-free dentistry. But we always make sure to treat our patients with great care and minimally-invasive procedures. In our Frankfurt Bockenheim practice, laughter is the rule and pain the exception.

  • Conservative

    Conservative dentistry deals with conserving your already damaged teeth with the help of fillings, inlays, onlays (partial) crowns or bridges.

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  • Preventative dental care
    for healthier teeth

    In order to help you preserve your healthy teeth, we’ve made private preventative care a priority in our practice - so you can enjoy your natural teeth for a long time.

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  • Dental aesthetics
    for a beautiful smile

    Beautiful, white teeth represent energy, charm, a youthful appearance, and a successful life! We offer various procedures to treat your teeth with care, leaving a long-lasting impression.

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  • Tooth-preserving

    In addition to prophylaxis, teeth-preserving measures such as root canal treatments play an important role in preserving your teeth over the long term. We’re not giving up on a single tooth!

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  • Dentures /
    with lab access

    Thanks to our laboratory access we are also able to offer the highest quality dental prostheses and care, ensuring a perfect fit and creating functional dentures for your missing teeth.

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  • Dentistry for
    children & teenagers

    We are always caring and empathetic about dentistry, even when it comes to our younger patients. Whether dental accidents, fillings for baby teeth, or sealants - we are happy to help you.

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