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Regular care
the essentials

Periodontitis and cavities are the most common dental diseases. However, adults and children can avoid these with regular dental care. Aside from continued oral hygiene, nutrition plays an important role.

Dr. Guld’s dental practice is happy to welcome you at least once a year, to help detect and treat dental diseases early on!

Tooth preservation through
individual prophylaxis

Regular and professional dental care helps preserve beautiful teeth for a lifetime. It also helps avoid complications and expensive dental work. Individual prophylaxis prevents the formation of diseases on your periodontium and your teeth, giving periodontitis, gingivitis, and cavities slim to no chance!

That’s why you’re always on the safe side with individual prophylaxis.

Brushing lessons
for children & adolescents

The optimal oral hygiene program starts with your very first baby tooth. It’s extremely important that babies, children, and adolescents learn to use a toothbrush properly.

When it comes to brushing lessons, your children are in best hands with Dr. Guld’s professional and experienced team.


Dental prophylaxis is very important for the healthy development of teeth. In addition to meticulous dental care and a healthy diet, dental sealants can help prevent cavities.

The future of prevention


We use the SOLO concept as part of our preventative care. This concept is a professional tooth cleaning service that includes polishing and sealing. It not only removes plaque but also cleans the interdental space, removing both hard and soft plaques and discoloration. The SOLO method is a pioneering dental care concept that allows thorough and gentle tooth care!


SOLO-STIX clean the interdental spaces. Bacteria found in the interdental spaces can only be removed with interdental brushes, not dental floss. Dental brushes prevent 70% of cavities and 100% of periodontitis cases.


SOLO cleans the surfaces of your teeth without leaving any damage. Evidence of SOLO’s gentle technique: Existing sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures disappear.

Further preventative measures
for permanent teeth


Professional teeth cleaning is always a smart decision if you have an increased risk for periodontitis or cavities. Elder patients benefit from this treatment, as well as children with braces, and patients with sensitive gums. Professional teeth cleaning is also convenient if you wear bridges or implants or already suffer from tooth decay.


When it comes to preventative and periodontal aftercare, Dr. Guld’s dental practice has two aims: stop the inflammation and conserve the supporting gum tissue. We always pay the greatest attention to both of these aims.


You can expect expert advice in our special halitosis consultation. This consultation allows us to detect the origin of your bad breath. The consultation is also highly important when it comes to any oral inflammation or dental problems. This is due to the fact that the boundary between bad breath and bad breath due to illness is often blurred. Let’s tackle this uncomfortable problem together!


In our consultation for pregnant women, we focus on all the dental issues that can arise during pregnancy. Seeing as your hormone balance changes during this time, there is an increased risk of issues such as gingivitis, for example. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help!


Advising you on a tooth-friendly diet is also part of our extensive service. Eliminating sweets is not the only crucial necessity. Many other factors need to be taken into account when it comes to a tooth-friendly diet. You can find out exactly what you need to live on a tooth-friendly diet in our consultation.

Other areas of focus

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