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The secret
to beautiful teeth

Well-kept and beautiful teeth make you look friendly and signal energy and success. Aesthetic dentistry offers excellent possibilities to preserve or improve dental aesthetics. If you value high-quality and natural tooth replacements, we recommend full-ceramic crowns and bridges.

This material combines durability and strength while giving you a natural look. The high-quality material is very similar to your natural enamel. Contact us to find out the secret for beautiful teeth!

Correcting anterior teeth
with high-quality veneers

High-quality veneers can make your smile more beautiful. Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are highly transparent and life-like and improve your front teeth without causing any damage.

They are particularly useful for fixing abnormal teeth and color corrections. Veneers can also permanently improve enamel issues.


Whether ceramic or composite: the choice is up to you. If you want what’s best for your teeth, then ceramic inlays should be your first choice. Composite inlays are more cost-effective.

Optimal bleaching
for your teeth

The optimum teeth whitening procedure can give you back your winning smile. Dark and discolored teeth are not aesthetic. Even regular home dental care cannot get rid of plaques or discolorations. In addition to the professional dental care provided by our trained dental hygienists, both in-office bleaching and home bleaching are great teeth whitening alternatives.


Bleaching can be done directly in our practice. From experience, we know that this method of bleaching can whiten discolored teeth by several shades within a short period of time.


Home bleaching is a convenient whitening alternative that doesn’t harm your teeth. However, professional teeth cleaning as well as a check-up examination should be carried out first.

Further aesthetic measures
for radiant teeth


Cosmetic contouring and gap closure are advanced procedures designed to give you an attractive smile. These procedures are most often carried out without drilling healthy teeth. During this procedure, your teeth are reshaped using complex layering techniques and a highly aesthetic composite, closing any unwanted gaps and adjusting your teeth to your lip line.


The Harmony brace is a transparent and flexible solution allowing adults to straighten their teeth. The brace is nearly invisible and created specifically to give adults an option to straighten their teeth, with no impact on their professional or private life. This brace has already helped many patients get a beautiful smile!


More and more, patients request tooth-colored fillings due to their aesthetic demands and greater concern for mercury exposure caused by amalgam fillings. Ceramic and composite fillings are therefore a recommended alternative, given that these materials provide ideal teeth-colored fillings. Talk to us if you’d like to know more. We’re always open to hear your concerns!


Zirconium implants meet your highest aesthetic requirements while offering the perfect solution for teeth that are damaged to the point where a filling is no longer enough. All-ceramic zirconia bridges and all-ceramic zirconia crowns are made entirely of non-metallic material. The zirconia bases are crafted with the help of CAD/CAM technology.

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Preventative dental care
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