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Damaged roots are often caused by plaques which help increase bacteria that attack the enamel. You can feel the first signs of pain as soon as these bacteria break through to the dentin. If an infection of this type isn’t treated immediately, it causes bacteria to spread to the dental pulp by way of the delicate root canal system.

Here, the bacteria feed on the living tissue until the pulp dies. A root canal infection can be cured through a root canal treatment. This procedure is extremely intricate. However, we fundamentally believe that every tooth should be preserved.

Periodontal infections

Along with cavities, periodontal diseases are among the main causes of tooth loss nowadays. Periodontal infections can be caused by poor oral hygiene or poor execution. The result is plaque formation (Biofilm) on the teeth. Plaque, however, contains aggressive bacteria that convert sugars into acids. In turn, these acids attack the tooth and the periodontium.

Additionally, bacteria excrete toxic (poisonous) substances and enzymes that destroy the tissue. If an infection of the periodontium, such as this one, is left untreated, the gums can become inflamed. Failure to treat this issue may result in an inflammation of the entire periodontium.

treatments (root canal)

Thanks to new findings and techniques, endodontic treatment, also known as a root canal treatment, gives us the opportunity to successfully perform even difficult root canal treatments.

We will walk you through each step of a root canal treatment and explain the individual procedures in detail!


Precision cleaning and planning take place once the root canal treatment has been carried out. We clean the canals and shape them to provide a dense root canal filling.

treatments (periodontium)

Periodontal treatment reduces inflammation and enables a more or less strong regeneration of the periodontium. This often gives teeth more stability again. Consistent aftercare is highly important after treatment. Monitoring plaque through regular professional teeth cleaning is also important in this instance.


Only prophylactic measures can guarantee lasting health for your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, in this case, home care is often not enough to get rid of bacterial deposits once and for all. That’s why you're on the safe side if you come in for regular prophylactic teeth cleanings!

More tooth-conserving measures
to preserve your natural teeth


Thermoplastic root canal filling is a special procedure used to fill your root canals. After a root canal treatment, we clean the root canal and get rid of any dead nerves. This creates an empty space. This space is then sealed with an airtight thermoplastic filling to prevent renewed bacterial infections.


Determining the endometrial length, which is far more accurate than x-rays, enables us to asses the exact length of your root canal and successfully carry out the root canal treatment. This is important as fillings that are either too short or too long can cause renewed inflammation.


Root canal treatments don’t always succeed in completely eliminating the bacteria from the root canal system. If a renewed infection of the root canal and jawbone occurs, we will try to save the tooth using revision treatment, under specific circumstances.


The microbiological bacteria test provides information about which treatment is best suited for eliminating bacteria in your case. The microbiological bacterial test has proven a particularly suitable diagnostic tool for therapy planning when it comes to periodontal diseases with a pocket depth of more than 0.16 inches and acute as well as rapidly growing periodontal diseases.


Thorough and regular oral hygiene is not the only suitable prevention against tooth loss. Regular visits in our practice, with the aim of systematically reducing inflamed gums, is also an effective method. If the periodontal disease has not yet advanced, then it can almost always be stopped through a timely treatment in our practice.

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